Everything is a work in progress.

This little site will be building up over the next few months as the Obvian project (said to be one man, but possibly a group of monkeys in a large coat) ramps back up. Which isn't to say there's not much to do.

So, while this all starts up, there are some upcoming shows where I'll be playing live. Over to the right are links to where you can follow and listen to a few tracks, like Facebook, and Soundcloud. There's an unrelated art folio site with some funny, some just nice looking, shirts for sale. This space here will slowly morph into a blog with time, much like everything on the internet does.

So take a look, come along to a show, and pester me about a little E.P. called Office Space.

Upcoming Shows

Friday 10th February
Seraphim, Fitzroy, 7pm
As part of
Songwriters in the Round, with Brooke Taylor & Brett Franke. $5 entry.

Sunday 12th February
Toff in Town, Melbourne, 3pm
Supporting Timothy Cannon for his Sleeping on the Shoulders of Giants album launch.

More shows coming soon.

Obvian is:

A one man project, filled with what has been described as "apologetic indie" played by Nathan Davis.

Obvian finally released the solo Office Space E.P. which he claims is about office affairs, sandwiches and quatum mechanics, but it's probably about girls.


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